Bence Balaskó




My name is Bence Balaskó, I am 21 years old from Pécs. At the moment I am studying acting in Kaposvár.

I live with my mother and my younger brother. We have a dog. As a child I enjoyed playing with LEGO, football and drawing clothes for an imagined dance crew.

I began to train shotokan karate when I was nine years old and had been doing it for eight years. I have benefited a lot from that period. Dancing came later; when I was twelve. I began with hip-hop, the other styles I have been only tasting ever since then.

I like sentimental music, drums, poems and when girls wear a skirt, pancakes with nutella, garbage recyclement, sleng, psychological thrillers and the tired, serious, deep and sometimes sentimental conversations at the end of house parties.