Author & Performer
Promotion Producer


Durational Solo Performance

(420 mins.)
As a person who comes from a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multilingual environment, Gyula Cserepes has always been interested in the construct of personal identity. On the surface, people are seemingly different: the language, the traditions and customs create the illusion of separation. As humanity indulges in nationalism one might get the impression that it is nearly impossible to find common ground for putting humanism in the front. In this past decade the voices, which said that the attempts of integration have failed, are increasing and their message seems to gain popularity.
In such times it seems to be essentially important to focus on attributes that could connect us instead of creating further division. For this reason, Gyula would like to begin his process in his “backyard”: working through the tradition of the territories where he comes from, he intends to work his way to a broader view gradually. He wants to start from seven traditional dances of his choice, which he would decontextualise in order to create new material from them. Using these motifs, he would then start to work his way towards his final goal: to create a seven hours long performance in which he is going to dance continuously, without ever stopping. This final performance would happen only once. It is going to be live streamed online and ideally it will be open to live audience, as well.
Composer: Miguel Angel Frausto
Project Coordinators: Gitta Nyolczas, Gréta Süveges
Graphic design: Ramóna Takács
Second camera unit: Botond Nagy
Lights: Zoltán Zagyva
Stream technician: Arthúr Kulcsár
Producer: Atelier 21220
Co-production partner: OFF Foundation
Supported by: Artus Studio, EMMI, National Cultural Fund, Regional Creative Atelier Kanjiža, Visegrad Fund, Záhrada CNK
In partnership with Workshop Foundation.