Participatory dance performance (45 mins.)



Author & Performer
Light Designer
Music Composer


Participatory Dance Performance

(45 mins.)
SELFY is an artistic space created for self-reflection. In this open-source performance, where the spectator and performer share the same “stage” in close proximity, the experience wins over “narrative”. Gyula is dancing on the thin line between trance and representation.
SELFY is an interactive, participatory, contemporary dance performance. By bringing the audience on stage and improvising, jumping in between them, Gyula questions the convention of watching dance and dance performances. In this proximity, where the spectator could be touched by the performance, both metaphorically and literally, the question of freedom and our relation to it is being challenged. How do we react in such a situation? How do we handle the responsibility, which comes with “total” freedom? Some choose to stay in the safe, well-known position of being a passive observer – while others let themselves be taken on a journey into the unknown: to reveal the hidden potential that each one of us carries, of liberating our own body and soul.
SELFY is yourself among themselves when we are ourselves – together.
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Production: Atelier 21220
Co-production partners: OFF Foundation, Zavod En-Knap
Supported by: Workshop Foundation, Új Előadóművészeti Foundation, Stanica, Garage29  

„He [Gyula] is dancing for about an hour on the thin edge of the state of trance and the appearance, the self-expression; he also involves the ones standing nearby, who either copy, mirror his movements or diligently nod and shake their legs on the irresistible beats. I guess it depends on the audience how far the party goes; I could imagine that the observation of a participatory nature ends in a techno-dance of all.”

Szilvia "Sisso" Artner / Critic, Színhá