Dénes Csasznyi

Set Designer, Sculptor


As the son of a sculptor, I grew up in my father’s workshop. I loved spending my time there, playing with clay and pretending to be a sculptor, too. I tried to copy my father’s technique and create my own sculptures, and he supported these initial attempts consecutively. With a childhood like this, it was almost clear that I was going on an artistic career as well, yet I had chosen a different path both mentally and physically.

Preparing to be a veterinarian, I studied ANIMAL ANATOMY, then after studying MECHANICAL ENGINEERING my goal became to get to know the anatomy of HUMAN.

As a result of doing researches in these three fields, I finally managed to formulate my art in sculpting:

  • evidently, the subject of my works is the human body and when we talk about the body, its SACRED IDEA exists within us all.
  • vision is objectively always a part of the whole, however we try to express everything that is superhuman by words borrowed from the world seen around us, from the PROPHAN spiritual life, by the EXPERIENCE gained from the nature
  • I approach the IDEA from the fragment… I do not create according to a predetermined concept. My works are born from a detail, a fragment, leaving room for the “autonomy” of the process, for the effect of momentary impressions. I believe that if we let the Muse guide our hands, a perfect whole can be born from the parts. It is the experience of true wholeness in creation, the true freedom.