Dóra Dorka




My name is Dóra Dorka, I am 22. I was born in Nyíregyháza where I graduated from Művészeti Szakgimnázium as a theatre dancer. Since then I have lived in Budapest.

Art in itself is close to me since I was in kindergarten, yet I have become the lover of dance and music. Firstly I got acquainted with ballroom dancing, which has accompanied me in solo and duo for 9 years. This style gave me the posture, which is inevitable for appearance. I became aware of my tendency to lead at an early age and this made collaboration with my partner more difficult. Fortunately my father found the art high school (Művészeti Szakgimnázium) in Nyíregyháza, where I got to learn a lot. This was to my advantage. Within the institution I became familiar with various styles, but contemporary and modern dance are the closest to me. I was able to find everything in them, which is impossible to describe with words. With the school we attended various competitions: in solo, duo and groups. At the end of the fifth grade I got my OKJ certification as a theatre dancer. I danced in several performances at Móricz Zsigmond Theatre and there I was introduced to musicals, which I got to love a lot. I’d like to keep improving myself and discover many more styles.