Gábor Kassai




Gábor Kassai “Pants”; leader of The Book – @theb8k and choreographer of several dance schools.

I have been consciously educating myself to become an exceptional dancer and teacher since I was a child. I represent a variety of styles, such as: hip-hop, hous, locking; by their fusion I create choreographies but I also try myself out in the freestyle scene. My main profile is to create choreographies, but the above mentioned directions are also close to my heart. Dance is a form of communication to me and nowadays I accompany my dances with professional video editing so that I could also speak without words when I am dancing.

I have been learning from local and international teachers and I keep educating myself. In the online space I have more opportunities to learn from world-class dancers. I have achieved several good results in local- and international competitions. I have appeared in adverts, movies, performances. It was an exceptional experience to become part of a dance group and perform our show in a casino in Monaco. What would I say to a beginner dancer? Dance is happiness and it would be a pity to deprive our bodies from this joy. What would I say to those who have ambitions on a longer term? Practice and humbleness! Committed work brings results! I wish you lovely dance experiences and I hope we will meet one day on the dance floor!