Júlia Eszter Gaál




After finishing my studies, I’ve been working with Eva Duda Company since 2017. Since 2019 I’ve been closely collaborating with Willany Leo Improvisational Dance Theatre. I began to work with fine artist & choreographer, Anna Ádám (Gray Box Projects) in 2020. Since then we had the chance to sink into creative works, as well as, tour with the existing productions on a number of international residency programmes – Béthune, Svetvinčenat, Bratislava, Paris, Cologne. Also in 2020, I was accepted to the choreography department of the Hungarian Dance University and the Bhaktivedanta College Hungary. Due to my interests in healthcare, teaching and spirituality, I’ve chosen the second one. As the winning applicant of SÍN Arts and Culture Center’s RÉS-program in 2022, in collaboration with healthcare professionals, I am developing a program, which is focusing on prevention and conscious healthcare of performing arts professionals.