Natália Böjti




My name is Natláia Böjti, I am 21 years old and I am studying modern dance at the Hungarian Dance University at the moment.

Since high school I have been studying acting, then I got accepted to Pesti Magyar Színiakadémia in 2018. Over the years and experience that I have spent there I became more and more crazy about dance. When I was twenty years old I tried my luck at the Hungarian Dance University and got accepted to the modern dance department. After getting a diploma I’d like to learn more, join a company, but I find dance pedagogy and choreographing interesting, as well.

Performer/authors that I find inspiring (without the need of completeness): Sidi LArbi Cherkaoui, Hofesh Shechter, Anna Theresa de Keersmaeker, Éva Duda, Jann Gallois, Adrienn Hód.

In my free time, when I am not dancing, I take a walk with my dog, cook or crack a beer open with my friends.