Patrik Kelemen




Dancer and creator in his late twenties currently living in Budapest. Active in the field of dance and performance art especially, but he often does his creative work in an interdisciplinary environment. He completed his studies in Budapest, Salzburg and Brussels and graduated as a Dancer Researcher-Creator with MA degree.

He works mainly in the Budapest-Berlin-Brussels triangle, and with various artists from abroad including Tino Sehgal, Anton Lachky, Needcompany, and Imre Vass, Máté Mészáros and László Fülöp in Hungary. In the recent years, he has been most active in the Budapest scene and has been working closely with the Tünet Együttes as a creative in 2020-2021 theatre season. His performing art collaborations are based on the development of a common language with the creator – so as a dancer he not only plays an executive role, but also tries to become a co-creator in every work. He works mainly on a project basis,  the ever-changing work environment and the decision-making structure is exciting for him.

As a creator, his basic idea is to examine dance as a phenomenon. Since 2015, his research process titled Neurocracy – which deals with the possibilities of poetic  interpretation of dance and the topic of the body as a cultural interface – produced several pieces: 2016 F R A N K E N vs. F R A N K E N, 2018 Celestine Celestial Phenomenon, 2020 Plateau, 2020 MetaSurgery (in preparation: 2021 Cryptic Bodies) These works can be interpreted as individual pieces as well as a garland of pieces.

In addition to creating works of art, he pays special attention to research of improvisational technologies. In his work, he is explicitly occupied with “neuro-identity” – named so by himself – as well as with the in/trans-human body images. He is currently working on her new improvisational dance, Cryptic Bodies, and on creating a community somatic choreography called MetaSurgery.