Szilvia Farkasdy

Costume Designer, Stylist



I graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts with a master’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design in 2020. During the course of my university studies, I had already become interested in the world of costume design and live productions. In addition to fashion design, I was therefore involved in several theatre projects. As a designer, I first designed costumes for Atelier 21220’s project Rave. In line with this, I continued to work on fashion design.

In 2020, I became a mentored to the European Fashion Accelerator incubator program. In my work, I consciously apply colours and like to pair them with geometric shapes. I like to experiment with the rhythm derived from the pattern and the structure of the material, and environmental awareness is very important to me. My long-term plans also include film and theatre projects, as well as the development of my own brand.